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Safeguard is P&G’s largest Global Personal Care brand. Safeguard partners with leading health organizations across the world such including the Africa Medical Association.
Safeguard Soap was launched in Nigeria November 2011 and is fast becoming the preferred germ protection soap for the entire family. It provides Double Protection against germs for up to 12 hours after use and removes millions of germs in a single wash.

Brand History

  • Safeguard Nigeria was launched in November 2011 and its No1 anti-bacterial soap in the world
  • It is for mother who have children and are protective of them. They try to ensure their children are safe at all times.
  • Safeguard family soap provides DOUBLE PROTECTION against germs.

How Does the Product work

  • Safeguard family soap provides DOUBLE PROTECTION by
  • Removing millions of germs after one wash
  • Preventing the re-growth of germs many hours after wash

Brand Features

  • Contains active ingredient- Triclocarban (TCC)
  • Safeguard is mild on skin and can be used for everyday use
  • Safeguard is available in 2 sizes: 70g and 175g and is available in 3 variants: Pure White, Lemon Fresh and Soft Care.

Why should a consumer buy this product

  • Its gives the family double protection from germs, it is mild on your ski so it can be used everyday, it is affordable.
  • Safeguard is the only soap supported by the African medical Association.

Why should the shopper purchase it?

  • Only anti-bacterial soap that provides double protection against germs
  • It is mild on skin so it can be used everyday
  • It provides 3 different variants to chose from based on preference
  • It is affordable and it is the only soap endorsed by the African medical Association of Nigeria.

Why should store keep it?

  • Highest margins/profits across entire category(25%). Easily grow overall profit for your store.
  • One of the most trusted brand in he world -China, Pakistan. India ect.
  • Affordable protection and shopper satisfaction behind usage experience leading to loyalty
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